I support teachers by helping them to bring a higher level of awareness into their work, including mastering their internal reactions and perspectives in support of their students' higher learning success.  


One of my topics is "Bringing More Joy Into The Classroom".  Both teacher and student proficiency are enhanced when the educator brings a high level of joy into the process.  I provide unconditional Happiness Skills-Training that actually equips educators with a process for maintaining a more positive attitude for happier and healthier teacher and student success.


Another focus is "Organic Education", which demonstrates how student-learning is an organic, natural process, with the teacher functioning as a "knowledge-gardener" that nurtures the seed of enlightenment relative to any subject being taught.  


My keynotes and seminars also offer teachers internal skills-training that helps them to establish themselves in inner peace and compassion, where they can receive inspiration in the present moment to guide them in their work with students, including helping students overcome learning difficulties and the positive handling of challenging child behavior. 



I understand the emotional team building at teambuildingtrainings.comchallenges faced by today's school teachers


"I've received glowing feedback regarding your keynote on team building." L. Perkins, Professional Development committee, North Hanover Township Schools.


I'm a former school teacher who has taught in public school, private school and alternative school settings, as well as in preschools and childcare centers.


My expertise is in helping teachers manage their emotional reactivity and attitude to protect their spark of inspiration and bring more joy and purpose to their work.


While I customize my presentation around to the specific challenges your

particular school or district is facing, here are some points I genrally make for 

School Faculties:

> My question to you is, do you believe the world, and particularly 

our children, need GREAT teachers?  The answer is obviously yes.  Well, 

when you take your "game" from good to great you find more purpose and 

passion and joy in your work and you inspire higher levels of student engagement.

> This motivational program is very much about all about the "inside game" of happiness on the job. 

> We will see how clarifying your goals and training yourself to persue them "in your zone" of inspiration protects your passion and ensures your steady progress toward them.

> One key to remember is that how you react to situations is really up to you.  Remembering this empowers you to improve your reactions for better self-care and more resourcefulness.

 > Use every day to improve your way of relating with one another, with the administration, with your students and with your work-load.

> As we teachers remain focused on learning how to do better and feel better every singleday, we not only discover better ways of meeting our daily challenges, but, by example, we pass on the inspiration of commitment to learning to our students.


Some basic practices / points covered include:

1… Maintaining your peace, poise and power in the classroom

2… How to calmly cope with frustrating testing demands

3… How to not give up on the most challenging children

4… How to respect your own individuality while functioning as a team member and 

as part of the whole school culture

5… How to maintain or regain your sense of purpose and passion

6… Why teaching is the most rewarding profession in the world

7… Maintaining your self-esteem in a materialistic culture  

Motivational Speaker Power For Your School Or District 
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