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Live With Life

What You Desire Is Expanding Into Your Experience


Your life is always flowing toward the expansion of your greatest dreams coming true.


Every flash and flicker of your desire directs the flow of the current of life toward your desire’s fulfillment.


Sometimes the direction of events matches up with your desires in an obvious way.  You want something to happen and then you see it happening.


But often events seem to be flowing in the opposite direction of our desires.  You want something to happen, like someone to like you, and that person relates to you with disdain.  A more extreme example is when you love someone who passes away.  How in the world can that demonstrate the ongoing stream of life that leads to the fulfillment of your desires?


Forms change to match our desires.  You may want a job because you believe it is the perfect job, but then you don’t get that job or you lose it, only to eventually find a job that matches your desires far more completely.


We become attached to forms.  We believe that we need this particular person or this particular job or this particular financial condition to be happening right now to be happy.  By continuing to focus on what we want, though, we discover that what we want is still possible, and that we are indeed in a better position to experience even more of it.


Trust life’s flow, even when it hurts.  Trust and accept the way things are going even when you feel a reflex of fearful resistance.  Think about all the wonderful things you would love your life to be leading toward and trust that it is indeed leading toward those wonderful things.  Feel the self-confidence and self-value that comes from that state of positive anticipation.  Everything is going your way.


Your financial situation is improving.  Your career or job situation is improving.  Your relationship-life is improving.  All that you want for those you love is coming to them.  You may be moving through circumstances of painful disintegration, witnessing loss that you fear with all of your heart, but what is really going on is the disintegration of the barriers to the fulfillment that you desire with all your heart. 


You’re heading toward your dream home, your dream relationship, your dream life.  Logic may tell you that it is impossible, that you lack the time, the resources, the support, the past choices, or the present opportunities for this to be true.  Ignore that logic and live with life by living in positive expectancy anyway, expecting that your life is expanding in the direction of your greatest fulfillment, and that the results you want are inevitable.


You really have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about and nothing to feel blue about.  Look for reasons to feel hope, to feel faith and to feel celebratory and you will find them.  You have nothing to regret.  Every mistake you made is nothing but a realization of how to better align your choices with your desires for swifter progress toward your goals.


You don’t have to know what to do to bring about what you want.  As long as you are emotionally aligned with life’s positive flow you are moving toward your goals as quickly as you need to.  When you feel, think, speak and act as if your life is not expanding into all you desire you turn your power against the flow.  You oppose yourself.  This causes your frustration and slows the process down.


At times you will know what to do for what you want.  You will have the insight, the energy and the inspiration to take goal-directed action and when you take that action you will accelerate the flow of life toward your goals.


But don’t get “hung up” on action, believing that you must be doing something right now in order to be moving toward what you want.  Taking action that feels forced, unnatural, or causes you to experience the sense of struggle against life actually increases the resistance of life’s expansion into all you want.


The most important practice to hasten the flow of life toward all that you desire is awareness of how you are feeling and of what you are thinking in the present moment.  Thinking about what you want while you feel the sense of flowing freely toward it aligns your energy with the flow and speeds up its momentum.  Thinking about what you don’t want and feeling the sense of being stuck, blocked, overwhelmed, threatened or defeated pits your energy against life’s flow and slows down its momentum.


Practice staying aware of what you are thinking and what you are feeling in the present moment to keep your energy aligned with life’s inevitable expansion into all that you desire.  You’ll feel better and better as you live with life and witness opportunities “dropping into your lap”.

Recharge faculty team spirit.  Inspire and motivate your school teachers with enligheninng perspectives on life and work that will reignite their passion and energy. 

Help the faculty of your school or school district remember that their work is more than a job, it's a calling, to see them rededicating themselves to bringing greatness into the classroom every single day. 

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