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Waste No Energy On Personal Conflict


Waste no energy on personal conflict.  No person stands in your way.  You don’t have to convince anyone of anything.  How you relate with your internal creative source determines what happens to you.  


Any conflict you are experiencing is a result of how you have been relating with that source.  You have imagined yourself in conflict with the person and you have imagined that person having the power to block your desires.  This is the cause of hatred, and of the deadly violence that can spring from it.


No person has any more power of you and over your destiny than you give to that person, and you give it with your thinking.  By imagining that you have to influence a particular person in a particular way in order to get your needs met or to satisfy your desire you pit yourself against that person’s will.  In other words, you create the conflict, and it is that conflict which is keeping you from meeting your need and satisfying your desire.


Think of the outcome you want and feel the inevitability of it.  Let go of any thought about that other person other than thinking about the fact that he or she cannot prevent you from achieving what you desire.  Think about the fact that whatever is required for the right outcome, for the outcome that feels truly right and good and just and fair to you, will align all of the conditions needed for it to happen, without any struggle or conflict.


You have the power within you to determine your own destiny.  When you know what you want and feel the inevitability of it happening in a smooth, harmonious, conflict-free way you activate that power, you put it to work for you, you allow it to work for you.


You will receive the ideas that you need to achieve the results that you want when you take your attention off of the person you imagine blocking your path and direct it toward what you intend to happen.


I was going through a conflict with my soon-to-be ex-wife (we were living separately, awaiting the final settlement). It was about when I was going to be having our children sleeping in the home they share with me.  We had worked out a parenting plan but our understanding of how to implement it appeared to be at cross purposes.  I felt frustrated and a bit afraid of her power to come between my sons and me.


Then I let go of the conflict and simply focused on the kind of relationship I want with my children, on the beautiful outcome I wanted, and felt an acceptance of the inevitability of that outcome.  I received an idea for how to communicate with her in a non-adversarial manner.  I could feel things falling into place, and I felt free of that anger and insecurity.  It felt good to be working with her instead of against her.


Avoiding wasting energy on personal conflict becomes especially difficult when there seems to be a great deal at stake if things don’t go the way we want them to go.  But it is here that it is most important to remember to let go of the conflict, to take your attention off of the person you feel opposing you, to stop of that person as having the power to thwart your aims.


Focus on what you intend to happen and live in the feeling of its inevitability.  Be open and receptive to the ideas that come in to guide you and be alert to recognize opportunities and signs that things are indeed moving forward.  Waste no energy on personal conflict.

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