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(What better message to convey to students than the one that tells them that faith works better than fear.  Faith in themselves and in their lives releases their motivation to do their very best.  Here is a wisdom article for you.  As you LIVE it, you'll be transmitting the power of faith to your students and enjoying your own life so much more.)


Transform Fear Into Faith


We all want to transform our fear into faith.  Real faith feels so much better than worrying about what is going to happen to us.


Fear makes us feel walled in. Faith turns those imaginary walls into real open doors of opportunity. Our life circumstances are the out-picturing of our emotional states.


To many the way to transform our fear into faith is is a wisdom secret, because they believe that the way out of fear is to make a change in their outer world.


They struggle and strive to get something they want, to prevent someone from taking something from them, to get another person to like them... all in the vain attempt to escape the painful grip of fear .


No matter what we accomplish in the outer world, as long as we depend upon externals to free us from fear the fear of loss returns quickly with the realization that whatever we have we can lose.  Fear returns because we really cannot rely upon outer circumstances to free us from fear. Fear returns because it has become a habitual emotional state.


While fear-driven action cannot free us from fear for long, we CAN rely upon freedom from fear, or faith, to bring us the outer circumstances that we want!


Until we realize this wisdom secret, though, we struggle and strive for more, more, more with no escape from the fear that consumes more and more and more of our energy and our joy.


Sooner or later, and hopefully sooner, we learn the wisdom secret that liberation from fear is an inside game.  The way out of fear is to lose it, not to seek something or someone outside of ourselves to take it from us.


The way out of fear is to lose it, not to seek something or someone
outside of ourselves to take it from us.


Fear is always based on imagination.  You imagine that you are not strong enough, smart enough, good enough to meet your needs.  You imagine that life is too much for you to control or to direct.  You imagine that you really do have something to worry about.


Although much revered Plato was among the early seers to say, “It’s all good,” we go on imagining that it may get bad!


Since clinging to imaginary conditions or beliefs causes your fear, letting go of those imaginary conditions or beliefs transforms your fear into faith.


We mistakenly presume that fear is responsible, but it is really irresponsible. It can paraliyze you, acting like an invisible wall between you and your ability to take constructive action.  It overwhelms the nervous system, produces mental confusion, and obscures your best judgment. 


Fear hurts and it drives us to hurt the ones we love.  It can place so much pressure on you that you can hardly breathe.  The pain of living in dread can literally make you wish you that were dead and drive you subconsciously into self-destructive behavior.  No one wants to be around a fearful person, except perhaps other frightened, helpless people.  You can mask fear, but that doesn’t release you from fear.


The "secret" way to transform fear into faith is to face your feeling of fear directly.  This means letting yourself experience your fear without resistance or repression.  Feel the feeling of it.


Fear plunges one into a state of internal darkness.  When you direct your awareness within, to observe your feelings, the light of your awareness expels the darkness.


Whatever you give your attention to grows.  By giving your attention to the feeling of fear within you, that fear will seem to grow, but what is really happening is that you are placing a magnifying glass upon it, enabling you to see it more clearly, understand it’s internal cause, and find your internal way out of it.


Step one, then, is to observe your feelings.  Step two is to watch your mind to recognize the ideas and mental images that trigger and reinforce your fear.   


The next step is to drop those habitual thoughts that keep you in the state of fear.  You drop a thought by taking attention off of it.  Let go of the thoughts that feed your fear and your fear will naturally dissipate.


You will have to watch your mind constantly, because the habit of fearful thinking will sneak frightening thoughts into your mind without you noticing it.  So be very vigilent of your mental activities to reject such thoughts as soon as they try to make their way in.


When fear is demanding that you take action, to take control of your outer world, simply practice relaxing observing and calming your emotions, quieting your mind and just letting yourself be in the here now.


When you feel calm, secure, relaxed and confident consider your situation and what you can do to move things in the direction you desire.


What you fear is wrought by your fear.  Faith is the absence of a fearful feeling. It makes life feel worth living right now.


While it seems quite scary, the next time that you feel fear, insecurity or anxiety, stop struggling to control your outer world and concentrate on regaining the internal state of security.  Take deep breaths, take a walk, take a nap.  Be kind to yourself.  Most importantly keep watch over your mind to notice and let go of any thoughts that trigger or feed your fear.


Fear is really a hopeless condition. We fear death and we fear life when we live in fear.


As you transform your fear into faith you transform the walls that seem to block your happy success into open doors of bright opportunity and your life’s circumstances match your desires.

Recharge faculty team spirit with great leadership skills.  Inspire and motivate your school teachers with enligheninng perspectives on life and work that will reignite their passion and energy. 

Help the faculty of your school or school district remember that their work is more than a job, it's a calling, to see them rededicating themselves to bringing greatness into the classroom every single day. 

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