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The Wisdom OF Joy

The Practicality of Happiness

Assigning the cause of what you think and how you feel outside of you sustains, deepens and reinforces the false state of dependency upon so-called “outside conditions” for what you think and for how you feel, for the quality of your life-experience, while denying and depriving you of your power to create the conditions in life that you desire.


Your growing joy depends upon focus on inner state mastery.  Depending upon outer conditions for inner happiness is bound to disappoint you.  Your inner state, your thoughts and feelings, comes from inner habit-patterns.  Your internal state creates your external fate.


Your mind tells you what you need to be happy and safe, and it’s wrong.  Without that thought you can feel happy and safe right now.  Following that thought with effort may or may not bring you what you are going after, and in any event you will find that, at best, it makes you feel happy and safe for a very little while.  You will quickly see that you have no power to keep or control the external conditions you have achieved or arrived at, and that they quickly lose their power to keep you feeling happy and safe.


You can feel happy and safe right now by refraining from thoughts about things or people that arouse feelings of unhappiness and insecurity within you.  You can live in joy and inspiration right now if you allow it.


Why would you want to live in unconditional joy?  Beyond the wonderful feeling, it produces wonderful coincidences.  Circumstances will demonstrate a wonderful way of working themselves out as you learn clearly that you never really have anything to worry about.


The life you think about is your thought-life.  If your thought-life blocks your joy, your thought-life blocks your joy.


You deserve to live in joy and love, the flow of inspiration uprising within you unceasing.  This is the energy you want to live in.  No external conditions experienced without internal joy has any value to you.  Living in the flood of joy, love and inspiration prevents your mind from presenting to you ideas or mental images that dampen your joy and arouse your fear.  Joy is your protection from negative mental imagery and thought.  The fire of a heart filled with hope disintegrates cloudy thinking and dark mental life-scenarios.


Nothing is more practical than allowing the spirit of overflowing joy, love and hope to abide in your heart and glow marvelously from your state of being.  In the mental light of this glorious feeling you see solutions replacing problems.  Nothing and no one outside of you prevents this.  Living in this light comes down to your willingness to entrust your life to present happiness, rather than relying on worry and woe to meet your responsibilities, improve your circumstances and protect you from danger.


Living in your heart’s joy-song is a skill that you can develop through the conscious, deliberate practice of living in joy’s parameter.  Living in joy’s parameter requires intentional interior consciousness, disciplining self-awareness to deliberately direct attention toward your deepest feelings.  This enables you to instantly detect when you are about to overstep joy’s inner boundary by engaging in a disturbing thought or manner of speaking, in a discordant emotional reaction or flare-up of longing desire, with a nervous, worried, anxious, overly aggressive action.  


It is no one and nothing outside of you that causes you to leave your inner joy-song.  The sole cause is your hasty, automatic thoughts, speech, actions and emotional reactions.  As you keep a closer watch on your internal experience you recognize when you are about to overstep the boundary of your heart’s joy, and can then avoid doing so.  


The longer you allow joy’s sweet song to abound within you, the stronger and deeper that blissful state of inner harmony grows, and the stronger your ability to allow it to constantly abide within you and glow from you.  Your chief task is then to make your joy-song unconditional and indomitable through the conscious practice of letting it live within you as constantly as possible.


The flow of love that is your heart’s joy-song keeps your mind open to the “anything is possible” mindset.  There is no concern for the possibility of lack of anything needed or desired.  There is only the faithful, optimistic, solidly positive expectation of all things needful and desired being received and achieved through natural, joyful living.


We cannot imagine how wonderfully things can work out for us.  Whatever possibility we can imagine is a limited shadow of the greater reality that is bound to show up in the light of our future.  There is not a single area of your life that you can accurately predict.  You are on the way toward something more glorious than anything you can premeditate.  While you worry and wonder about your health, wealth, career and life-purpose, relationships and any other area of life you live in the joy-darkening limits of your mental manifestation.  Abandon the limits of your mind’s definition to set yourself free to enter the life of greater joy that unimaginable truth designs for you.


Open your heart to your deepest desires and experience the joy of greater conditions than you can imagine coming to pass in your life.  Because the generous giving of our gifts feeds our joy to the utmost, include in your heart-felt considerations of fabulous future fantasy the experience of using your gifts and talents to the fullest, liberating your expression of them to soar at highest levels, anticipating experiences infinitely surpassing the glory and beauty of whatever you can conceive.


 Anticipate greater joy than you can know right now.  Thus open your heart and stretch its boundaries.  Consider no possibility of disappointment, for disappointment is a reaction to and a false, mental interpretation of whatever happens.  No person or circumstance outside of us disappoints us.  Disappointment is an internal state of woe that casts a weepy cloud of dark thought over the bright feeling of unfathomable perfection.



Freeing ourselves from the internal patterns that block our joyful living and succeeding requires the assistance of a skilled coach. Contact me to discuss how my phone coaching can be of service to you.

Also contact me to inspire your teachers with with wisdom of joy for happier and more engaged classrooms through my In-Service Keynotes and Seminars on the practicality of happiness.




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