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Here Is The Freedom To Forgive

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What keeps us from forgiving?  It is the idea of how another person puts us through loss of some kind.  But when you are conceiving of a loss you are using your mind destructively.


What loss do you want?  You bring about the loss you think about.


While I was going through my divorce I resented my wife for “forcing me out of our home”.  Aside from the pain of living apart from my children and taking the dissolution of our marriage to its final stages, my home was my power center.  All of my art and books were there.  My office was there.  Everything I needed to do my work was at my fingertips.  I had created an empowering environment.  As I looked forward to displacement I didn’t like it.


Then I woke up.  I realized that I was conceiving of the way that I do not want things to be.  I know enough about the power of the mind to avoid doing that.  We live in the concepts that we entertain.  Why choose to live in a concept of my displeasure?


And who is really responsible for me living in that concept, my soon to be ex-wife or me?  Of course, since it is my mind, I am one hundred percent responsible for what I do with it.  If I give myself a thought-experience that I do not want, that is not her fault.


As soon as I awoke to how I was abusing myself by mentally projecting myself into a future I did not want, I stopped doing that to myself.  In that moment, there was nothing to forgive.  


Forgiveness happens when you have nothing to forgive.


I realized that I want to be in my power-center and stayed attuned to being in that space.  My logical mind wanted me to tell it how it could be possible to remain in my power center, but I did not bother trying to explain it.  


I didn’t know and didn’t need to know.  My responsibility in the creative process is to tune into the feeling and to visualize the scene of what I want, to live in the “vibration” or “frequency” and inner vision of what I want, and accept that as my experience.  This magnetizes me to that experience and literally creates that experience into physical form.


The lesson in forgiveness that I learned here was that any time we have a difficult time forgiving others it is because we are hurting ourselves with negative mental images and blaming it on them.  Look at what you resent the person for until you realize that what you are looking at is your own concept, your own idea of what happened or what is going to happen.  You are conceiving of something you don’t want.


By shifting attention from what you don’t want, or what you fear, into focusing on what you do want you enter the experience you want and have nothing to forgive.


Until you see what you are thinking about when you cannot forgive, there will seem to be something you need to forgive that you can’t.  The freedom to forgive begins with self-awareness.  


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