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Great Team Building Basics


What does it take to build an unstoppable team?  It begins with setting the goal of unstoppability for the team.


That goal means that the team members regard their current level of cohesiveness and accomplishment as something that is fluid, flexible and changeable.


More specifically, they realize that they can grow into a more effective and fulfilled team.


They will respond to challenge, difficulty and let-down with their minds open to lessons they can learn for becoming a more successful and satisfied team.


Each team member needs to understand that how he works and interacts with his team mates has a definite impact on the performance of the team as a whole and on his performance individually.  


When a team is united in harmony and focused on fulfilling a clear purpose, each individual team member is uplifted by that, and thus brings a higher level of performance to the team.


How well a team performs is not as important as the team’s basic attitude that performance can always be enhanced, and that no obstacle is too great.


Whatever the goal, all it takes to accomplish it is for each team member to develop her own individual work skills, and her skills for interacting in a supportive way with team mates.


When a team member feels displeased with another team mate’s performance, there is a positive way of responding
that produces positive results.


Instead of blaming or complaining, take an honest look at how you deal with that team member.  Notice the quality of your reaction and focus on improving that.


To do this, you need to be a CONSCIOUS team member.  That means consciously observing how you react to your team mates, and how that reaction impacts you, that team mate, your relationship with that team mate, and the team over-all.


Attentiveness is the first skill for greater team work.  By simply paying close attention to how you deal with what happens, you will discover new and better ways of dealing with things.


You will discover, for instance, that when you resent a fellow team mate, you are effectively closing your heart and mind to finding a better way to work with that team mate and possibly even to solve your problems with that person.


Notice also your attitude toward any team mate that you regard as a problem.  You will observe, if you are self-honest, feelings of anxiety, insecurity, intimidation.  This constitutes a fearful reaction that you simply MUST improve to achieve your goals.


Fear is both a cause of and a reaction to negative expectations.  By intentionally visualizing yourself succeeding with this team mate, feeling great about how the two of you get along, imagining yourself coming up with the key that unlocks this person’s positive potential in the relationship, your fear turns into confidence and your confidence translates into more real positive power at your disposal.  


To be a great team-mate, envision great outcomes, and spend no time envisioning outcomes that you dread.  This will keep your morale high, and that will translate into a more positive team spirit that empowers every team member, and the team as a whole, to succeed at higher levels.

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