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How To Stop Being Taken Advantage Of

Empower Yourself With Intention


Is someone trying to take advantage of you?  If so, you are causing it to happen, and you can stop it.


Realize first of all that if anyone is doing something deliberate to take advantage of you, that person’s efforts reflect back upon himself, undermining his interests and weakening his position in life.


The more power you misuse, the more power you lose.  Attempting to take unfair advantage of another constitutes a misuse of power.


Additionally, when you worry about someone taking advantage of you, you are misusing your own power.


You can think about how you are being mistreated or you can think about how to treat yourself better.   


While I was going through my divorce my wife was allowing her credit cards to go unpaid because she expected that I would be solely responsible for all of her financial debt after our final hearing.  I regarded this as unfair and I felt taken advantage of.


When I noticed myself beginning to feel upset, I remembered that if anyone is doing anything to take advantage of me it really can't work because we do live in a just universe.  My responsibility is to stay focused on taking care of what is most important to me.


I thought about what it was that felt threatened and I realized that it was my financial condition.


That’s the great gift of feeling taken advantage of by another: it can help you to clarify what is important to you, what you want to protect, what you want to increase.


I realized then that I could waste my time griping about what I speculated that my wife was up to or I could focus more intently on what I can do to further my own interests.


I became more intentional about what I wanted.  


We attract people who attempt to take advantage of us when we are being too lax in what we intend for ourselves.  They wake us up to what is important to us and to how important it really is to us.


So there is no reason to become vindictive if you suspect that someone is trying to take advantage of you.  Be grateful for the prod to take your interests more seriously.  Take responsibility for what is happening.  You caused it to happen because you were not intentional enough regarding your own interests.


Instead of thinking about what someone else was doing “wrong” I directed my thought into a vision of the financial condition that I regarded as right and galvanized all my energy around it by imagining that infinite creative power within me was working on manifesting that condition.   


You can think about ways to strike back at someone for trying to take advantage of you, or take their efforts as a sign that you need to
be more intentional about accomplishing your objectives.


I also imagined that all of the people and resources that can help me to manifest the condition that I intend are coming to me.  


Anyone who seems to be trying to take advantage of you is simply letting you know that you need to be more intentional regarding whatever it is you believe is under threat.  Be more intentional about taking care of your own interests to avoid or to stop being taken advantage of.

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