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Rise Above Chaos, Crisis and Calamity
And Succeed!


It doesn’t matter who you are, from time to time you will find yourself facing the big C’s: chaos, crisis and calamity.


We can speculate about why this happens all we want.  But the fact is that it happens from time to time and it happens to all of us.  So here is some help.


When you are facing chaos, crisis or calamity the first wisdom step is to get into a state of order within.


An orderly inner state expresses inner peace and clarity.  A feeling of relief, wholeness and contentment pervades your being to its very core.  In this state of inner order you rise above your problems and can see your way to solutions.


In fact, you are already living in your solution when you enter inner peace because you are feeling the way you really want to feel, experiencing life in the harmonious way that you really want to experience it.  You have found what Pythagoreans referred to as the “Golden Mean”, the point of balance and harmony at the center of all things.


When we slip out of inner order we stumble into strife with life and discordant contention with other people.  Driven by fear we try to make our lives right, but we are doing so from the wrong state.  We can only create more conditions that match our inner state.  Emotional chaos creates circumstantial chaos.


Your state radiates because your emotions characterize a dynamic energy condition.  Sensitive people can tell how you are feeling without you telling them verbally, because they can feel how you feel.  Even when others are not conscious of how you feel, their feelings are influenced by your feelings, and vice versa.


You are like a magnet attracting conditions that match the magnetic field of your emotional radiance.  A chaotic emotional state causes circumstances, including the condition of your physical body, to move toward more chaos, more disorder, more things going wrong.  A balanced, centered, harmonious emotional state moves your physical condition toward well being and every other area of life into an orderly flow in which things “just happen” to work out and fall into place for you.


Your internal, emotional state is really the foundation of your fate.  Trying to control situations from a state of emotional stress is self-sabotaging.  Whatever you create your emotional state is un-creating as long as you create from emotional turbulence.


Your emotions also impact your thinking.  Your ability to think soundly and strategically, to come up with feasible creative ideas, to accurately observe and analyze facts are all compromised to the extent that you try to figure things out from a state of emotional stress.


So the next time that you find yourself facing a problem that you feel threatened by, the next time you find yourself worrying about what will be, make it your first priority to return to an internal state of serene clarity.  It is only from that internal state of order that you can create more order in your life.


The first step to getting into the internal state of order is to recognize it for the priority that it is.  We usually believe that we have to fix our circumstances first to feel calm and confident about things, but the opposite proves true.  You cannot fix your life from a broken emotional state.  Your state predicts your fate.


The next step is to watch your thinking, so that you can redirect your thinking away from whatever thoughts disturb your emotional state.  This is called “mentally letting go” of the problem.  You have to let go of the problem mentally in order to enter the right internal state where solutions appear.


As you continue watching your mind, keeping your thoughts off of your problems, imagine the feeling of inner peace that you want to feel.  Relax your body, open your heart, and just try to imagine yourself feeling deep inner peace, contentment and relief.


Depending upon how much stress you are experiencing and how long you have been living in stress, you will gradually find your internal condition improving.  Every little improvement within produces improvements without.


The more you practice living in a state of peace and poise to the best of your ability during whatever is happening in your life, the easier it will be to do so when you need it most.  This is how to rise above chaos, crisis and calamity and succeed.

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Help the faculty of your school or school district remember that their work is more than a job, it's a calling, to see them rededicating themselves to bringing greatness into the classroom every single day. 

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