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Relieve Stress, Develop Faith,
For Joyful Success


Relieve stress and develop faith for more joyful success.  Stress is the opposite of faith and creates unhappy failure. 


When you feel stress you close off to the good you desire.


When you feel faith you feel fine right now.  You are not putting off the good way that you want to feel or the good life you want to live.  You are accepting and allowing your good life to be now.


Stress takes many forms: anger, discouragement, regret, anxiety.  But beneath every form of stress lurks fear, the fear of what you don’t want.


Fear is faith in the negative.  When you worry you are basically expressing the belief that what can go wrong has more power than what can go right.


We are healed by our faith because faith is in and of itself a healing state.  It brings a condition of release that permits the free flow of our energy through our body.  It raises our spirit with joy, raising our energy level, vivifying our physical organism and promoting its optimimum functioning.


You really don’t need a reason to feel faith because the feeling of faith feels so good. 


But if you want a reason, let it be that faith empowers whatever you have faith in. 


If you have faith that your situation is going to work out wonderfully regardless of the circumstances or people around you that seem to threaten your miraculous outcome, you will find doors of opportunity to that miraculous outcome opening up for you.


The only way to know if you are really in a state of faith is to recognize how you feel. 


Stress is a closed-off, jittery feeling of insecurity that tells you that you are out of faith. 


To return to faith, don’t resist your stress.  Have faith that it is okay to feel however you feel.  This plants the seed of faith in your feelings that will eventually sprout , grow and blossom the supple fruit of faith.


Faith is a muscle that strengthens with exercise and it is a power you can direct with aim. 


Make a list of every condition that you are worried about.  Then go down that list and pause at each item.  As you look at the words you used to describe that item, try to imagine what it would feel like to feel absolute faith that this situation is going to work out perfectly.


If you feel a sense of struggle or  strain when you try to feel faith, have faith that whatever you are feeling is okay and give up the effort to improve how you feel.  You will feel better naturally, gradually, as you give up your resistance to whatever you are feeling.


As you practice this exercise you are strengthening your faith and directing its power into the specific outcomes that you want in your life.  You are turning life from a burden into a blessing, from a struggle into a form of surrender to the flow of great good that is automatically expanding in your life.


Relieve your stress and develop your faith to experience more joyful success right now.

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