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Release Your True Self

This entire article can be summed up in the following three statements:


1-  Being naturally who you are turns life into the garden of paradise.


2 -  Your naturally endowed gifts and talents represent your powers to prosper joyously, in love with life.


3-   The effort to live in a pattern that is not genuinely you is hell.    


We put ourselves through hell when we interpret the measure our of self-value based on how much or how little another seems to value us.


 In other words, we seek others’ approval to justify our existence and prove our self-worth.  When we don’t receive it, we feel unworthy of love and even unworthy of life.  We feel not good enough to be alive and go into self-loathing.


We therefore judge ourselves as quintessential failures when others relate to us in a way that seems to demonstrate that we really don’t matter, that we have no value.


Thus, we punish ourselves psychologically, and perhaps even physically, when we fail at being who or what others seem to want us to be.


An even deeper level of self-punishment, thought, is the effort to conform to standards that are inconsistent with who we truly are.


You cannot help but fail at being someone else, at living someone else’s life!


On the other hand, you will always be intrinsically successful at being who you are and living your own life!


It takes no effort to be who you are.  It takes effort to suppress, hide and attempt to deviate from who you are.  That effort is inherently painful.  It is the essence of internal suffering.


Build success in life naturally, step-by-step, level-by-level.  First, build the foundation.  Then you can build upon that.  The foundation of life-success is being who you are, without compromise.  Failures in life are based on the foundation of the failure at attempting to be what you are not.


When you are successful at being you, there is no sense of struggle or strain.  You are living naturally, in a balanced and harmonious way.  There is no internal conflict and therefore no external conflict.  You can tell when you are being your self, then, by your feeling of naturalness, ease, flow, relaxation, authenticity, and genuine contentment in the now.  This is not only the foundation of success in life, but also of true happiness.


Being your true self reveals your special gifts and talents, the things you are naturally good at, the things you naturally want to get better at, the things you do that make you shine and liberate your joy and inspiration.


When you center your life on reliance upon the use and development of your natural gifts and talents, you are relying on your strengths, and you will succeed and prosper in joy.  To the extent that you experience failure, lack and a lack-luster spirit you are departing from the path of your true self.  You are seeking approval, based on the belief that you need others to provide you with what you need.  But the reality is that living as your true self will provide you with all you need.


Just as a flower is designed to provide for itself all that it needs to flourish, so are you designed.  The natural or instinctive “mechanics” of the flower causes it to obtain what it needs from the environment to fulfill its greatest potential.  When you are being true to you, have the ability to obtain all that you need to fulfill your glorious potential.


To suppress your self is to suppress your life!  


Trying to be other than who you are, judging your natural way of being and living as inadequate, inferior or wrong, is living in a state that we can describe as self-attack.  Children develop this pattern when they are raised in a way that causes them to belief that they are dependent upon the approval of others – their parents - for their self-support.  These children grow up fearing that they will not have the love and financial support they need if they lose or lack approval from others.   


This fear draws a person into relationships with people who seem to promise that they can meet her needs for love and abundance.  But of course, these people must always fail her because, essentially, she is failing at being herself by trying to seem that she is what they want her to be.


True life success requires that we face our fear of relying upon our own natural way of being and living, even as the people we count on for love and support reject us, judge us, maybe even persecute us for not living up to their expectations.  What they want – unconsciously – is for us to behave in ways that validate their sense of self-worth.  They do this because they have not yet found the joy and fulfillment of being who they truly are.  When we do not adequately act as their mirror, reflecting back to them that they matter, that they are valuable, that they are worthy of love and of life, they suffer their own interior self-attack and blame their pain on us.


Only those who have found the joy of living as their true self can give others the sense of freedom and safety to be who they are, honoring their need to succeed in this intrinsic way.


As long as we are making unhappy demands upon others in our personal and professional relationships we are futilely counting on others to help us to succeed at being other than who and what we truly are. 


Whenever you feel badly about yourself for results that you are failing to get in your life, simply shift into accepting, allowing you to be you, naturally, harmoniously, in the present moment.  Being your natural self, relying on the gifts and talents that bring you joy and make you feel powerful, will naturally the fruit of a happy, successful, prosperous life for you.  Self-castigation will never accomplish this for you!


You don’t need any particular person’s or group’s approval, agreement or cooperation.  You will naturally receive all of the appreciation, understanding and support you need as you live naturally, and to live naturally is to feel inner harmony, joy, authenticity, inspiration, relaxation, and safety.  Don’t count on outer conditions or other people to give you this inner state of fulfillment.  It comes through the fulfillment of your potential to be you.


Millions of people are leading unhappy, unhealthy, unnatural lives in their efforts to meet their needs.  Blocking or ignoring the inner guidance that comes from their true self, they become sick, tired, angry, desperate.  Their inner emptiness grows as they persist in their efforts to gain fulfillment from their outer world.  Eventually they get to the point where they don’t care what happens to them; they are willing to act with extreme violence to express their rage at a world and a life that is failing to fulfill them.  Thus we witness the horrors of war.


As we return to our natural way of living we return to the garden of paradise.  We find that we don’t have to sacrifice who we truly are to be loved, to be successful, to be prosperous.  On the contrary, we discover that we are naturally designed for love, success and prosperity!


The universe abundantly provides for the needs of all that exists.  Imagine a bird that believes that by following its natural instincts it will not find sustenance.  We would call it insane.   Anxiety would torture the confused creature, and then, by resisting its natural way, it would die.


This is happening to millions and millions of human beings in our world today.  People were raised to believe that needed to be what others wanted them to be in order to receive their sustenance of love, success and prosperity.  They suppress their natural selves to the point that they don’t even know that such a self exists within them.  They are lost, unhappy, unhealthy and angry and consistently blame the people outside of them for not giving them what they want and need.  Everyday parents are raising children to believe that they need to conform to the expectations of others in order to be loved and supported in life.


In adulthood, we therefore need to learn how to re-attune ourselves to who we truly are, and root out those fears of being who we are as if who we are is not good enough.  As we do this, we find that it takes no real effort to succeed at being who we are.  That happens by letting ourselves be.  Following this we discover that succeeding in life, love and prosperity occurs just as naturally, as a consequence of the joy of being who we are and of exercising our natural gifts and talents to the utmost.


Would you like to receive coaching in The Method for releasing you from the internal blocks to living as your true, natural self, to reveal and release your gifts and talents and set you on a path of true success, love, joy and abundance?  Click HERE to go to my coaching website.  Would you like to have me come to your school to present a keynote or seminar that helps your faculty understand the joy of true self liberation, and how to pass that onto their students?   Click CONTACT to set up a time to discuss your needs.



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