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Recharge Your Spirit
(Attitude and Motivation)
With Forgiveness  


One way to recharge your attitude and motivation is to remember this: the attitude that you express is an experience that you give yourself.


How you feel about yourself, your job, your life, your coworkers, your students, your pay or your administrators is really no one's responsibility but your own.


How you feel about a person or situation is based on how you think of that person or situation. You are responsible for the thoughts you think.


Routinely thinking about events that anger you drains one of motivation and destroys a positive attitude.


To recharge your spirit, practice forgiveness.  If you cannot forgive someone, it is not that other person that needs to change.


Forgiveness is a healing, harmonizing process of liberation.  To forgive is really just to let go of a thought that disturbs you.


Your level of inspiration are up to you. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a positive attitude and a high level of enthusiasam align the thoughts you think with that condition.


A person's level of enthusiassm is really nothing but a choice.
You are free to choose to live in the bitterness of resentment
or in the delight of freedom that is forgiveness.


Your freedom and power to choose forgiveness begins with your acceptance of your responsibility for your attitude and motivation. Observe what goes on in your mind when you feel angry or resentful and you will see that your thoughts trigger and fuel your fury.


What you are really angry at is what you mentally conceive of or imagine. Whatever you feel angry about is in the past. You need to hold onto one particular view of what happened in order to continue feeling disturbed about it.


We tend to hold onto thoughts that cause us to feel emotionally disturbed because we believe that to be necessary for solving the problem.  But it actually causes us to feel increasingly oppressed by the problem, causing our attitude and motivation to plummit.


To solve a problem you have to keep your mind open to the solution, to a vision of how you want things to go.  You also have to carefully keep your mind out of thinking that lowers your attitude and motivation, because a negative emotional state makes positive, constructive thinking more difficult, if not impossible.




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