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Positive Classroom Behavior Management  



Positive classroom behavior management begins with the teacher's positive self-management.


In other words, being in charge in your classroom begins with being in charge of



If student inappropriate classroom behavior can cause you to react with visible signs of stress and strain, you place that student in charge because he or she is now running the show.


Control in the classroom begins with control over your reaction to what happens in the classroom. 


Choosing a response in line with what you want to accomplish
places you in charge. 


To maintain control of your classroom, when you find student behavior disturbing, concentrate first on your self-control – specifically, on maintaining or regaining your composure. 


To the degree that you maintain your self-control, you limit the power of the student behavior to disrupt the classroom.


 At the same time, preserving your peace and poise empowers you to access your best judgment and creativity. 


When a teacher permits a disruptive student to usurp control over the teacher’s reaction through inappropriate classroom behavior, the teacher is handing over to that student control over the classroom.


The key to improving classroom behavior is improving your own.  To do this, avoid becoming so focused on the student behavior that you overlook how you are reacting to that behavior.


Remember this principle of power that relates to controlling classroom behavior: your power flows in the direction of your attention. 


Whatever or whomever gets your attention
gets your power. 


Focusing too much attention on the challenging student means that you are not focusing enough on yourself, and this gives too much of your power to that student. 


By remembering to practice remaining consciously aware of what you are focusing on and how you are reacting, you direct your power back into yourself, which translates into more power to control your classroom.


One of the common ways that teachers unwittingly give their power of control over their classroom and classroom behavior is by talking too much about their “problem students”.


Whatever or whomever you talk about
is receiving your power. 


To gain control in the classroom and classroom behavior, apply conscious control over your topic of conversation.



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