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Our Inner Work



Our “job” in life is mostly inner peace, the peace that serves as the foundation of trust in the infinite possibilities of the universe to provide for our every need, to fulfill the plan that is truly best for us.  Our personal attachments get in the way of this.  Our personal attachments say, “I know what is best for me.  I really want this to happen because I know it will make me happy.”  But that is just lust, and lust always misleads.  Whatever you expect from getting what or whom you want must always disappoint.


That’s not to say that your ultimate desires must go unfulfilled.  You will receive all that you want, but it will not come from this or that thing, situation or person that you go after or that you try to make come after you.  Your greatest ambitions will be fulfilled if you come at life from a foundation in trust that whatever happens, whatever changes, you are bound for fulfillment.


Let’s say that you feel strongly attracted to a particular person.  You want that person because you think she will meet your needs.  But she is not meeting your needs now and she never will.  Why do you want her.  Because you want to devour her.  But she does not want to be devoured by you.  Maybe you want her to devour you.  She does not want that either.  So you enter into a power-struggle with life and you end up fighting with her, making her want even less to do with you.  The more you want her the more she repels you.


When you can let her go and identify the need in you that you need fulfilled, you open yourself to that fulfillment and it comes rushing in.  As long as you are attached to this or to that happening you are blocking the inflow of your fulfillment.  Your fulfillment comes from inner peace, the inner peace that expresses innocent trust in the loving energy that manifests the universe.


You anticipate life hurting you and you suffer from your fear, from your imagination.  You judge yourself as not doing enough and you feel beat down, defeated, forlorn, unworthy, unhappy, frustrated and stuck.  You do this to yourself with your undisciplined and unconscious mind.  You think life is doing it to you because you are not paying enough attention to what you are doing to yourself with your mind.


You have a song to sing from your heart to the world and you long for the heart of the world to receive it.  You have material needs and you want them fulfilled.  You want to provide for your loved ones.  You want deep, rich, positive, intimate companionship along your path.  You want to live without fear.  You want to make the right choice every step of the way.  You want the world to vibrate musically with the reverberations of your work in the world.  


You imagine all sorts of obstacles and limitations standing in your way.  You think of the past as one let down after another and expect that to be your future, so you want to give up because you see no sense in trying.


What if you imagined those walls and barriers melting away?  What if you imagined no boundary between you and your life’s possibilities to fulfill your hearts deepest desires?  You see that you have inner work to do.  You feel too burned out from your job to feel this free, so you think you have to leave your job or that your job is killing you.  Even that thought points to inner work you need to do.  Only you prevent yourself from experiencing the fulfillment that you seek.


When you begin working on your attitude instead of blaming circumstances for your attitude you are on the right track, you are on the path leading to peace.  To do the inner work necessary begins with directing your attention within, no notice what you are doing to yourself with your thoughts, moods, attitudes and the frenetic pace at which you force yourself to live.


When you look at your intentions, your motivations, your desires you begin to see the inner work that needs to be done.  When you see how you lie, steal, cheat – how you injure innocence – you see the internal work that you need to do.  When you face yourself you face the truth and find your way.


Imagine all the doors open to the fulfillment of your sacred destiny...

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