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Join The 7 Mindsets Revolution
To Make Schools Safer


There is a quiet revolution happening in our schools today, and I would like to invite you to join me in being a part of it.  Finally, our children are being taught how to use their minds to lead happy and successful lives.  As they use their minds in this amazing way, their behavior, attitudes and academic performance improve.  This way of using their minds, in fact, provides them with a sound blueprint for leading great lives now and throughout their adulthood.  As schools provide their students with this advantage, those schools become safer, happier, more encouraging environments of learning and growth.  


This amazing way of using the mind is called the 7 Mindsets, and its taught in schools through 7 Mindsets  Social and Emotional Learning programs (see  To date we have brought these programs to over 500,000 young people in Elementary, Middle and High Schools around the nation.  


About The 7 Mindsets


The 7 Mindsets were discovered through the most extensive research to date into the positive psychology of the most fulfilled and successful individuals in history.  They are the basic mental patterns used by the happiest and most accomplished individuals on the planet, and the company, 7 Mindsets, has elicited educators to come up with effective ways of teaching these mindsets to our young people.  These mindsets empower our youths to overcome adversity, courageously meet and rise above challenge, and solve life problems.  At the same time, these mindsets empower them to perform at extraordinary levels in school, achieve extraordinary goals in life, and live in peak levels of extraordinary happiness now and throughout their adulthood.


The Time Is Now


Our children today are heading into a world fraught with extraordinary challenge and boundless opportunity.  We need to provide them with the mental tools to turn change to their advantage and strengthen them with the grit, courage and determination, and thought s to structures, to flourish and thrive; and that is what 7 Mindsets Social Emotional Learning in schools accomplishes. 


The Mindsets In A Nutshell


The 7 Mindsets teach children to believe that their greatest dreams can come true (Mindset 1: Everything Is Possible) when they rely upon their gifts and strengths and stay true to their core values (Mindset 2: Passion First).  They teach children to build positive relationships to help them to achieve their goals and contribute value to others (Mindset 3: We Are Connected), and to accept 100% accountability for their results (Mindset 4: 100% Accountability).  They teach children to live in an attitude of gratitude instead of blaming and complaining (Mindset 5: Attitude Of Gratitude), and to find more of what they want by giving more of who they are and what they have to give (Mindset 6: Live To Give).  And they teach children to focus on making the most of the present moment, to not put off till tomorrow what they can do today, and to avoid getting stuck in the past or paralyzed by worries over the future (Mindset 7: The Time Is Now).


As simple as these mindsets might seem, by training our children to approach their lives in these ways, 7 Mindsets SEL empowers them to live "in the zone" and produce amazing change in themselves, in their lives, in their schools and in their communities.




Please visit to learn more, to watch the moving videos of schools and children and teachers that have been positively and profoundly empowered and transformed by 7 Mindsets SEL.  Then, please contact a school principle, teacher, counselor or school district leader, as well as youth development organization leaders near you to suggest that they check out and to give me a call at 770-364-9580 or my associate, Barb Maimone a call at 678-821-2869, to explore the possibilities.


7 Mindsets is transforming more schools everyday, making them safer, more positive and more supportive environments for learning, growth and success for the children of today and the adults of tomorrow.  It offers the only Mindsets Based SEL available, and kids and teachers love it.  Please come on board.  Join the revolution. The time is now.


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