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Maintaining School Bus Order


Those entrusted with the responsibility of transporting our children to and from school, our school bus drivers, deserve to feel appreciated for their daily effort.  Maintaining order on a school bus is no easy task, and at the same time, it is really a crucial accomplishment  


Maintaining the principles and practices of professionalism will help school bus drivers to not just display a positive image to the community but also to maintain authority on the bus.  Professionalism exudes an attitude of being in confident command that the children riding that bus will subconsciously respond to in a compliant manner.


Profeessionalsm starts with the demeanor of conducting oneself with peace and poise.  This is something we need to deliberately practicce because many of us are in the habit of reacting stressfully to the demands of life.


As the driver maintains his or her peace and poise, in response to whatever happening, it influences the bus riders to maintain their calm.  It also impresses the student-riders with the sense of the driver being in power. At the same time, it is a healthy and satisfying internal state for the driver to function in.


It's important to remember, when it comes to child behavior, that if a child can make you react the child feels in control.  Even if your reaction is harsh, it still communicates to the child that he or she is dominating you, which encourages the child to continue pressing your buttons.


So part of maintaining your peace and poise is the practice of being non-reactive.  This does not mean being non-responsive.  Remaining calm is a constructive response that preserves your real power in the situation.


Another element of professionalism is being curteous and polite. Adults often think that it is okay for them to be rude to children while expecting children to be respectful, but this only arouses child resentment.  


The most potent influence of effective leadership is modelling. As we are relentless in our exhibition of common curteousy even in response to rudeness we influence the children toward orderly, respectful conduct.  We also demonstrate that we are in charge, because taking charge begins with being in charge of ourselves.


Remember this important principle: a difficult child comes into our lives when it is time for us to grow.  The school bus rider who presses your buttons is giving you the opportunity to discover what your buttons are that you need to overcome to fulfill your own greater potential and higher purpose in life.


School bus drivers need to realize that that their work is at least as significant as the work of the school teachers, because without them there would be empty classrooms!  The importance of this work should give the drivers a deeply satisfying sense of significance.  


It takes courage to drive a school bus day in and day out. You have so much responsibility for the safety of your sacred cargo, and we all know how difficult the roads can be. The community should acknowledge the actual heroism involved in taking on such a challenging task. 


Maintaining order on the school bus can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Chaotic child behavior places a great strain on the driver's ability to stay focused on the road and to make wise and careful choices in the driving of the bus.  Maintaining order on the bus begins with maintaining order in oneself. 


Our orderly state is peace and poise. Practice maintaining your peace and poise as the foundation for maintaining school bus order.


Inspire your school bus drivers to help them to appreciate themselves for the important and dangerous work they do.  Help them learn important child behavior direction principles and practices. 

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