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Lose Negativity For A Higher Life


To rise into a higher life requires passing though loss: the loss of the negativity that binds you to all the problems you feel ensnared by.


To lose negativity requires a passage through the life challenges that trigger it off, then to not feed that negativity, to let it starve, by staying positive and expressing love.


As you transform your emotional responses your circumstances transform in line with your new responses.


Let go of the thought of your adversity, of who or what stands against you or comes against you.  That just feeds the negativity you want to lose. Then take up positive expectation and love to let that negativity pass away and take your adversity with it.  


Making this “sacrifice” grants you greater freedom and power, the freedom and power to enter your higher life and live your higher dreams.


Live in the feelings of positive expectancy and treat everyone, including your so-called enemies, in a loving way to lose your negativity and live the higher life that you desire.


In that higher life there are harmonious relationships, great health, plenty of abundance, a feeling of purposeful work, life balance.


You can always tell where you are headed by the way that you feel.  The negative person is always heading into more trouble.  The way that you feel accurately anticipates your life’s direction.


Pass up the temptation to dwell in negative states like anxiety, moroseness, enmity; for dwelling in those dark feelings feeds negativity and produces the dark and dismal circumstances that validate them.  


You will be mistreated as long as you expect to be mistreated and hold onto a grudge over past mistreatment.  


You will fall into more defeat as long as you worry about impending defeat and relive angst over past defeats.   


Feelings of trepidation about the future are sure signs of difficulty lying up ahead.  


Something not everyone understands is that we can deliberately leave our negativity and deliberately develop positive feelings to raise our lives to a higher level.  


You can deliberately live more and more consistently in feelings of positive anticipation and expressions of love, and let your negativity die.  


The more you practice this, the weaker your negativity becomes and the stronger your joy, faith, gratitude and love grow and the more your life transforms to match those feelings.


Feeling positive about your life forms opportunities consistent with your desires. 


Expressing yourself lovingly brings out more loving treatment from others and brings more loving people to you.  Those who’s unloving pattern is stronger than your loving influence will leave your sphere and get as far away from you as they can get.


A key I have found for living in more positive feelings involves letting go of the need to have any specific thought about what I want to expect.  I just imagine how I would be feeling if I realized that everything is going my way, that everything is going to work out wonderfully.


Living in positive anticipation soon manifests crystal clear ideas of what it is that I would really love to expect.  This is because our feelings attune us to the thoughts that we receive.  Negative feelings attune the mind to negative visions of what we don’t want.  Positive feelings attune the mind to positive visions of what we do want.


This is why when you fall in love all you can see is what you find desirable in the other person.  It is why those couples who focus on what they appreciate about one another and forgive and forget the rest are those that thrive for the long term.


Your future is formed around how you feel and by what you think.  Not everyone realizes this, but those who pay enough attention to their feelings and thoughts soon see that negative emotions and thoughts increase trouble.  They see time and time again that positive feelings and thoughts of what they want foreshadow a higher life. 


By deliberately focusing on thoughts that reflect what you want (not what you don’t want), deliberately feeling that all you desire is coming your way, and expressing love to all on a deeper and more consistent basis, you head in the direction you want to go. You lose negativity for a higher life.

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