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How YOU Can Receive Your Bright Ideas...
When You Need Them

The Genesis Of Inner Illumination


“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” Genesis 1:3


We use an image of a light bulb to symbolize the arrival of a bright idea.  This, of course, could not have been done before Edison invented the light bulb.  We will look at how Edison produced that invention soon, to see how it relates to your capaicty to receive bright ideas when you need them.  For now, though, let’s explore this symbolism a bit.


The light bulb that symbolizes an idea represents inner light. Those of us with physical eyesight really do see in two lights.  We see in physical light and we see in mental light.  When you view an idea it is internally illuminating.


We use the language of light to describe our ideas.  You might have a “bright idea” or a “dark thought”.  What this article is really about is how we receive our bright ideas, and how to control the process to receive bright ideas when we need them.  This control includes the rejection of dark thoughts, and there is good reason for this.


When you brood over dark thoughts you lose your motivation, your joy.  Dark thoughts sap your energy, your enthusiasm, even your capacity to express your love.  A dark thought is a frightening or pessimistic vision or idea, or an idea that triggers negative emotion, like feelings of helplessness, despair and futility.  Dark thoughts are like black holes in the mind, sucking one into abysmal negativity.


Bright ideas, on the other hand, fill us with enthusiasm.  They open our heart and let our joy expand.  They empower us to take bold action.  The aim of this article is to help you to more consciously navigate through your inner, mental terrain, to help you avoid and dispel dark thoughts and receive beneficial bright ideas at will.   


What bright ideas would you like to receive right now?  What are the problems facing you?  We all need inner guidance in the now, otherwise we are driving blind through life and hoping things turn out ok.  Right now you are faced with unlimited choices regarding what to do right now, what to give your attention, time and energy to.  How do you choose?  What guides you?


You might blame someone or something outside of you for what you do, like your boss, your mate, your child or society’s laws.  But if you face yourself honestly you have to see that what you do is what you choose to do, no matter who tries to control your choice and what means another uses to persuade you.  You are responsible for what you choose to do, and what you choose to do directs the course of your life.  You are therefore responsible for directing your life, so you want to do that as intelligently as possible, guided by bright, even brilliant ideas.


This is how Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.  It is reported that he failed 1,000 times to achieve what he was after.  But he never really related to those failed attempts as failures.  He viewed them as lessons, as illuminations.  Each failed attempt revealed what does not work, and that narrowed his clarity regarding what might work.  Each failure was a success in that it took him a step closer to his goal. 


But how exactly did he proceed?  He proceeded through the receipt of one bright idea after another.  He would look at what happened in relation to what he wanted to happen, and then open up to a bright idea that would illuminate how to proceed from here.  Following that bright idea with action led to his next result, his next illumination, his next step forward until voila! Let there be light!


It is famously reported that when Edison felt blocked and clueless about how to proceed he would not stress and worry about it.  He would take a nap!  His naps gave him a chance to relax and settle down, both emotionally and mentally.  This is the foundation for intentially receiving a bright idea.


Why is it necessary for you to settle down mentally and emotionally to receive a bright idea? When our emotions are in turbulence and our thoughts are a’buzz, bright ideas cannot enter.  Think of a lake.  When it is still it clearly reflects the sunlit sky above.  When it is turbulent, there is no bright reflection.  Your mind is like a lake that can reflect higher possibilities when it is still.


When our mind is busy we are not able to receive bright ideas to guide us in the present moment.  When we worry and brood about negative possibilities we are emoting over dark thoughts.  If you worry, for instance, about your child’s safety, you are not really thinking of your child’s safety.  You are frightening yourself with dark thoughts of what you don’t want to happen to your child.  This prevents you from coming up with bright ideas as to what you can do to bring about your desired outcome in that situation.


As long as your mind is occupied by thought there is a lack of mental space for bright ideas to land in. The first stage to receiving your bright ideas, as Edison knew and practiced, is to clear your consciousness.  If your home is filled with people who are disrespecting you and the environment there is no room for a desirable guest to enter.  Your mind is like your home because it is where you live your life most of the time.


Practice paying attention to your thoughts all day and you will see that you are thinking all day.  You are not really living in the present moment, where you are.  You are living where your thoughts place your consciousness.  You are living in the future that you worry about, in the past that you regret, in the memory of the TV show you watched last night.  You are thinking about your kids, your spouse, your ex spouse, your boss, your coworker, your client, your lunch.  You spend more time in your mind than you spend anywhere else.  Therefore, the quality of your life is very much determined by the quality of your thoughts.  Dark thoughts bring sadness and dismay.  Bright thoughts bring joy and faith.


It’s up to you to declare for your own mental universe: “Let there be light!”  When you make that declaration, and then hold your mind still and open to receive the bright idea you need, that idea will come, just as surely as there was light after the Divine made that declaration in the book of Genesis.


You might begin using this phrase to help you to dispel the darkness in your mind and make room for the illumination of your bright idea the next time you find yourself facing a problem or challenge or difficulty.  But really mastering the process of receiving bright ideas at will takes more than a verbal declaration.  It requires the same degree of dogged persistence that Edison demonstrated in his quest for the light bulb.  


We need to purge our minds of aimless mental chatter and dark thoughts to maintain the clear inner space needed for a bright idea to dawn in our consciousness. This can be done and you can do it. (How’s that for a bright idea!)




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