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How To REALLY Improve
The Quality Of Your Life


Here is the surprising key to REALLY improve the quality of your life. Discover how we typically seek superficial, temporary fixes that really don't work, and what to do instead.


There is a single, simple way to improve he quality of your life, and it has nothing to do with what most people try to do to make that improvement happen.


Everything that happens in life, the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the loves, the hates, the pleasures and the pains all have one thing in common.  Can you guess what it is?


Let’s look at a metaphor to lead us to the answer.  What does rain, sunniness, cloudiness, warm breezes, cold winds, damp mornings and zero humidity all have in common?  The answer is obvious.  They are all forms of one thing.  What is that one thing?  That one thing is weather.


Now let’s return to our original question.  What does every event in life have in common, including the bright times and the dark times?  The answer again may be too plain to see at first.  It is that they have all happened. 


In other words, every event, no matter how drastically different it may be from the one preceding or following it, has its very existence in common with every other event.  We can boil this universal attribute shared by every event to one word: reality.


Reality is like the weather.  It has any number of differing forms, ranging from sad tears to happy cheers, but whatever the form, it remains reality.  So the real question we need to ask ourselves when it comes to how to really improve the quality of our life is, how can we improve our relationship with the one thing that is always occurring: reality itself?


We know that we only have so much control over the forms that reality takes.  We can exercise the very best driving skills on the road, for instance, and still find ourselves in a fender bender because we cannot control the other drivers.


No matter how much money you might make you know on some level that you can lose it all no matter what you do.  You can find yourself in a relationship that you think is going fine only to find out one day that you have been self-deceived and it was heading for a painful break up.


You may have goals that no matter how hard you try you just have not been able to achieve them; and other goals that you have achieved only to find out that within a very short time your life was even more complicated and difficult than it was before you achieved them.


One thing we know about reality is that it operates on two basic levels: the form and the formless.  The form of reality is constantly shifting and changing and there is not one single thing that you can do to stop that.  How you look in the mirror today is different than how you looked 20 years ago.


But reality itself is ever present.  There is no shifting or changing about it.  That which exists exists in the way all things exist.  The form of existence may change, but the fact of existence remains the same.  The quality of “isness” remains stable.


Your TRUE self is not the form or idea of yourself that you identify with.  It is the very pure isness of your existence.  That is the unchanging dimension of you, the real you.  Another way of saying this is that you are the fact that you are, not the form that you happen to manifest or demonstrate in any given moment. Your form is constantly passing, your factuality is ever the same.


This is unchanging level of reality is the one that we want to improve our relationship with.  We want to be able to trust that whatever form reality takes, reality is nothing to fear, nothing to resist, nothing to try to run away from.  We want to relate with existence itself as good.


What makes reality seem so bad at times?  The ideas that we project upon it.  We presume that a painful time is worse than a pleasant time, that losing is worse than winning, that something can happen that is intrinsically bad for us.


But what if we dropped this idea, this mere opinion, to find out what is REALLY going on?  The first thing that we would realize as we examine our present life-experience more deeply is that we really don’t know what is really going on.  For all we know, reality is never something to fear, but always something to welcome and be grateful for.


Realizing this level of mystery releases us from the opinions that make reality SEEM to have the potential to do us wrong. In that moment of release we experience a deep level of joy welling up within us, filling our whole being. It literally feels like a song singing in our heart of hearts.  We find ourselves falling in true love with life itself and feeling thankful to God for the grace to experience of it.


Returning to this deep level of awareness again and again and again, and remaining in it for longer and longer periods of time is how to improve the quality of your life at the deepest, most lasting and meaningful level.  For it releases you from all fear and mental-emotional devaluation of any moment and of whatever that moment happens to deliver.


Uplift the morale and reignite the passion and inspiration of your school faculty with a positive and enlightening team building keynote or training for your next in-service day.  

Help your school support staff feel good about themselves and the important contribution they make to your school, while providing positive child behavior management tools.

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