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How To Live The Good Life Now


What the media tells us about “the good life” sets us up for disappointment until we achieve what we are after and then right after we achieve it.


The good life is not about having things and accolaids and this or that body or head of hair. Many people with all those things are unhappy and sometimes even suicidal.


To understand what the good life really is let's say for a moment that what Plato said about life, around 500 BC, was accurate: that life, existence, reality is always essentially GOOD through and through.  Consider for a moment what that means.  It means that we never have anything to worry about, nothing to resist. It means no achievement or failure to achieve makes life any better or worse.


It means that whatever happens to you is for you.  It means that whatever mistakes you made in the past are entirely forgivable.  It means, essentially, that all is truly forgivable.


To live the good life, live as if it’s all good.  You might think, “Well, I wouldn’t lift a finger.  I would just sit around and let everything happen.”  You might think you would do that but very soon that sedentary form of existence that lets all of your powers wane would become old.  You wouldn’t be very happy. You’d be bored stiff.


We find our joy in doing what inspires us, in giving something of value, in creating according to our sense beauty.  Taking action to fulfill your responsibilities gives you a sense of directing your life.  However, worrying that we are not doing enough, or not doing it well enough, plagues us with the misery of frustration, resentment, hurry and fear.


If it’s all good there is nothing wrong with taking care of your responsibilities and giving life your all to live the life you want.  It just doesn’t make sense to worry about which decision is right or wrong, to stress over the future or beat yourself up over the past.  You can let all that go because all that can happen to you is in your best interest. Living this way is giving youself the gift of living the good life now.


Living life as if it’s all good does not mean doing nothing to stave off or eradicate an illness.  It means that you don’t have to worry about getting sick.  Do your best for what you want and always trust just what you get.


If it’s all good it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to take your hands off the steering wheel of your car when you’re driving through a busy street.  It means driving as well as you can and feeling secure with that.


The moment the stress of worry or resistance comes up in us we are disconnecting our conscious experience from the reality that all is good.  We are leaving the good life for an experience that feels like a bad life.


The moment we relate to an event as “bad” we are losing touch
with the reality that only good can be.  


Living life as if it is all good does not mean being careless.  It means trusting in what happens and whatever may happen, including the losses.


Living life as if it is all good frees you from the burden and stress of having to control other people, to strain and struggle in the futile effort to get them to live according to your image or ideal of how they should live.  This futile strategy makes us dependent upon others for the good life, and that leaves us feeling like victims.  You free yourself from this miserable state of false dependency when you allow others to be as they are, trusting that what happens to you through their actions must ultimately prove to be of benefit to you.


We imagine things going wrong when for all we really know
things cannot go any way but right. 


You might argue, “But what if Plato was wrong when he said that it is all good?  What if things really can be wrong?”  Good question.  The answer comes down to faith and practicality.  Because you can’t really know the absolute truth the best you can do is to experiment.  That's where faith comes in.  See what happens when you practice living the good life as it is described here, as if nothing can occur to you but good, no matter how it appears.  See how much better that works for you than living in the pain of the fearful resistance and worrisome thinking that plagues you when you imagine that life can go wrong. That's the practical part.


If you choose to practice living the good life now, as if it is all good, you are bound to get better at it and find your fear, unhappiness, and sense of burden and struggle gradually melt away.


This is how you enter and truly live the good life now.


At your next In-Service day or special meeting, bring inspiration that ignites team bonding and restores the passion in your school faculty. Uplift the spirits of school support staff and help them to feel great about what they do. 

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