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How To Live By Grace

There is something bigger that wants to happen in your life beyond your personal desires, preferences and intentions.  As soon as you struggle to control your circumstances you interfere with its expansion into your reality and experience the pain of frustration, anxiety and sorrow.  In fact, all of the frustration, anxiety and sorrow that you experience is a symptom of your resistance to this larger plan for you that trying to work out in your life.


Your unhappiness is not based on anything actually going wrong in your life.  It is based on your resistance, based on ignorance and fear, of all that is trying to go right in your life!  As we surrender our personal control with trust in this larger process and it its control, we experience more joy, fulfillment and love than we could ever have imagined, and achieve levels of success in all areas of life beyond our wildest dreams.


Most of us were not taught how to recognize and cooperate with this larger process, this greater destiny that is always at work in our lives.  Most of us were taught to fear being out of control, and to do everything within our power to direct the flow of events in our lives, including directing the behavior of other people, to make it all conform to what we believe we need, to what we believe would be the best and even the only good outcome.


We can learn the skills of recognizing and cooperating with the larger destiny at work in our lives.  It begins with recognizing when our old programming is in charge, so that we can gradually let it go, to enjoy the experience and fruits of flowing with the greater Power at work in our lives.  This recognition occurs on a feeling level.  You can become so attuned to your feelings that you can clearly feel when you are in a state of resistance to the greater flow.  


We develop the ability to recognize the message of our feelings by focusing on how we feel in the present moment.  Most of us are lost in our thoughts all day, paying little or no attention to the subtle waves of feelings moving through us.  When we ignore the subtle feelings of resistance they gradually build up into stronger and stronger currents of discomfort, until they burst into our awareness in the form of emotional pain that we can no longer ignore.


Most of us, therefore, need to learn how to process these bouts of inner pain that are nothing more than manifestations of intense resistance to giving up control.  This process begins with giving up our resistance to feeling our pain.  As we surrender control of our feelings, to full and freely feel how we feel, we are opening up to the guidance of our feelings and releasing our resistance the greater flow of our life.


The more we practice opening up to our feelings the more quickly and easily we recognize subtle levels of discomfort that are alerting us to our resistance.  By responding to these with relaxation and allowing what is building up within us to arise into our awareness, we allow these subtle levels of resistance to dissolve and awaken to the positive feeling of the flow of our greater destiny.


That flow is nothing less than pure love, operating with perfect intelligence, in the unfoldment of our greater destiny.  It is the same energy that prompts a seed to gradually transform into a beautiful, fragrant flower.  Imagine a seed being programmed by its parents to be in control and resist the natural flow of energy operating within it.  That seed would soon die.  We are doing something similar to ourselves when we resist the flow of our lives, insisting on controlling the process to ensure that we meet our needs.


As we surrender to this larger flow of life at work within us, we lose all sense of pride and shame.  We no longer take credit for the beautiful triumphs of our lives, because we see them as gifts of grace brought to us by the love operating at the core of being.


In my experience I have found that it requires a particular form of assistance to work through our inner pain in a way that relieves us of our fearful resistance to being out of control.  We need assistance in recognizing the benevolent flow of energy at work in the center of ourselves, guiding and leading us toward experiences way beyond anything we could create on our own. 


Having received this assistance myself and made some major breakthroughs in this area, I now help others to do the same.  I call the process I guide people through The Method, and I do it largely through brief, weekly phone-coaching sessions.  If you would like support in surrendering to the energy of grace at work in your destiny, click here to set up a time for a chat over the phone.  Overseas?  We can Skype.

If you would like to schedule me for an inspiring keynote focusing on this topic for your school, business, comunity service organization or spiritual center, please click here to set up a time to discuss your needs. I travel the world sharing this timely topic.

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