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How A School Librarian Saved A Child By Letting Him Break The Rules


Here is a true story about a school librarian that saved a troubled child by letting him break the rules.  It occurred in Arkansas.


A tough kid, too tough for reading, walked into the school library instead of attending class, because he felt like it.


He walked through the aisles of books with a look of condescension, thinking who would waste time writing a book, and who would waste time reading one.


Suddenly his eyes glanced on the cover of the last book in a row that did not take up the whole shelf.  It pictured a sexy lady and he finally saw a reason to own a book.  He picked it up, looked around, and walked out with it, without bothering to check it out, because he felt like it.


When he sat down to spend some time with the cover he found himself opening it up and beginning to read.  He was hoping for a sexy scene, but what he found was a story unfolding that captured his interest.  He also found the way that the story was being told to be of interest.  He found the writing itself interesting.  He couldn’t put the book down and read it again.


A week later he returned to the school library, went to the place that he had found that good book, and searched for another by the same author.  He found one, and proceeded to steal that one too.


He did this a third time.  He was hooked on reading.  He began attending classes now out of curiosity and became hooked on learning.  He grew up to be a successful attorney, the first African American state prosecutor in Arkansas, and a renowned Civil Rights Leader.


The story doesn’t end there.  Many years after he stole that first book, he returned to his school for a reunion, now well known in the comunitty for his achievements.  That same librarian was still there and he felt the need to confess to her about the stealing of the books.


To his amazement she responded by letting him know that she had seen him stealing that first book.  She understood that he felt too tough to be seen checking one out.  In the hopes that the book would awaken him to the value of reading she drove seventy miles to find and purchase another book by the same author, using her own money, and then placed that book where he had found the previous one.


When she saw that he had taken that one, she did it again.


This is how a school librarian saved a child by letting him break the rules.

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