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Get Free From Worry For Greater Success:

Determine Your “I Am” Consciousness


Worry is the by-product of a broken relationship between you and you, an indication of your “I am” consciousness out of control.


Your “I am” conscious experience of yourself, the self you believe yourself to be.  When you complete the phrase, “I am…” you are viewing your “I am” state of consciousness.


If your belief about your “I am” was strong, capable and reliable you would not worry.


Worrying about your finances, worrying about your health, worrying about your mate (or the lack of one), worrying about what people think of you, worrying about what you did or didn’t do, worrying about not having enough time, worrying about what happened to you in the past, worrying about people not coming through for you in the future… worrying about anything indicates a need for determining your “I am” state of consciousness, a need for repairing the relationship between you and you. 


When you worry, you don’t distrust life; you distrust the you that you believe yourself to be.  Whether you are aware of it or not, you complete the phrase “I am” with: unreliable, someone I can’t really count on. “ That’s why you are anxiously counting so desperately on everyone else and on everything else to come through for you.  


To the degree that you worry, you are holding onto an “I am” that you don’t trust.  And because how you feel radiates, your distrust of yourself incites others to distrust you, particularly those closest to you.


Repair The Relationship Between You and You


Your distrust of you characterizes a disrespectful attitude toward yourself.  It’s humiliating to relate to as someone as unreliable, including when it is yourself that project that criticism upon.  So worry is a sign of self-humiliation, a sign of a psychologically abusive relationship with oneself.


The way to get free from worry is to repair that broken, disrespectful relationship between you and you.  It is to more discriminately determine your “I am” state of consciousness.


Choose Your “I Am”


You have the power to choose your “I am” state of consciousness, at least to some degree.  

You can choose to deliberately think of yourself as reliable, trustworthy, dependable, capable and supportive, you determine your “I am” state of consciousness.


The more you exercise this freedom of choice the stronger your new sense of identity becomes.  


You can exercise your freedom of choice by affirming the following statements and doing your best to feel the truth those statements represent:


Affirm: “I am reliable.  I am dependable.  I always come through for myself.  I can count on me.  I can handle whatever life sends my way.  I create, attract and seize opportunity.  I can make my greatest dreams come true.  I know how to accomplish whatever I want to accomplish.  I am good, kind, loving, beautiful, powerful and worthy of respect and love. I am totally grateful for who I am because I know I have the talent, ability, strength, intelligence and creativity to come through for me.”


Your “I Am” Consciousness Is Creative


Thinking of yourself as “not enough” causes you to fear when you face situations in which you have to rely upon yourself.  It also draws to you circumstances that seem overwhelming and people who will find reasons to distrust you. 


Thinking of yourself as more than enough fills you with the sense of inner confidence, releases your power to come through for yourself, reveals opportunities to prove that are what you think you are, and inspires in others the confidence to trust, respect and cooperate with you.


Doubting ourselves cuts us off from our potential to demonstrate the power to succeed at higher levels because self-doubt functions as a negative, self-fulfilling prophesy.  It programs our subconscious to withhold from us the power and ability that we believe ourselves to lack. 


Refuse to accept a negative “I am” state of consciousness.  


As you replace a negative “I am” state of consciousness with a positive one, you de-program your subconscious mind from self-sabotaging patterns.  You release your intrinsic power to take great care of yourself and to come through for yourself splendidly.


So the next time that you find yourself worrying about anything, take your attention off of what you are worrying about and focus it on your “I am reliable” state of consciousness.  You’ll get free from worry and enjoy more soaring success.

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