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Freedom From Unfairness


It's easy, and not uncommon, for today's school teachers to feel unfairly treated.


As crucial as their job is, their pay does not reflect it.


Their passion for teaching is often blocked by the requirements of governmental regulations.


Often their students relate with them disrespectfully, as do their students' parents, and sometimes their administrators.


They want to make a difference in the world but the world does not seem to welcome the difference they are trying to make.


And yet, the perception of unfairness represents a partial view of any difficult situation.  It is like seeing only the tail of an elephant and believing that you see a snake.


Let’s say you are watching a sporting event and the referee makes a bad call that costs the better playing team the game.  You would call that unfair, would you not?


On a far more serious level, we have innocent people living out their lives in prison for crimes they did not commit.  There are countless heinous crimes against the innocent that we would call unfair, whether those crimes go unpunished or not. 


But in all cases of unfairness the fact remains that how you go through what happens determines how it impacts you. 


You can use an unfair situation to your advantage and therefore eradicate the unfairness of it.  You can even turn it into a blessing.  


Instead of focusing on the unfair aspect of your situation, look for ways to make the situation work for you and you will find those ways.


Sometimes the best that you can do is to use what you are going through to help you let go of the fear and anger patterns that keep you feeling victimized.  


Entrust your life to inner peace, even when everything seems to be going wrong, and you will enjoy that inner peace.  It will be like a haven for you.  It will be like diving under a crashing wave to relax in the quiet depths of the sea.  


When you are experiencing inner peace there is no experience of unfairness.  You have risen above it, or risen below it or within it.  You feel in harmonious alignment with the universe.  You are not aware of anything going wrong.  


Find Faith In Peace


Inner peace is not just fulfilling.  From inner peace you can connect with the inspiration of faith and conceive of ways that your situation can turn into something more wonderful than it was before your “unfair” predicament befell you.


Even if you can’t imagine how your situation can work out wonderfully, you can trust that it can.  This feeling of trust enriches your present experience and aligns your creative energy with the miraculous potential of your life’s possibilities.  


The moment you begin fighting against your situation my holding onto the "wrongness" of it in your mind, you make it harder to bear and you negate the positive opportunities contained within it.  


The more you judge what is happening or what someone is doing to you as wrong the more it hurts.  


Feel The Hurt To Heal The Hurt


If you allow yourself to experience your feeling of hurt without defending that feeling with arguments that justify it, the hurt naturally passes and leaves you in peace.  You then place the unfairness behind you, instead of ahead of you, and find your situation looking up.


What you resist doesn’t just persist; it grows stronger.  The more you fight against the injustice of a situation the more unjust it grows. 


This does not mean that we ought to condone injustice.  It means that you don’t eradicate injustice by opposing it.  You eradicate it by making the most of this moment.  This takes all the power out of the injustice and turns that power to your advantage.


Rhythmic Alternation


All conditions alternate in time from one opposite to the other.  There is a rhythm to the passage of life’s highs and lows.  What is up today is brought down tomorrow, only to be brought up again the day after that.  Of course the rhythmic alternation does not necessarily occur daily.  Some cycles can last a long time.


But of this you can be certain.  If you are feeling powerless to avoid being taken advantage of today you will eventually find yourself feeling fully empowered and able to take great advantage of your situation.


In time your life will swing the other way, turning what feels like misfortune into a fortune so great that you will be grateful for what happened to you.  You won’t see what happened as unfair, but rather as a pure and perfect blessing.


Unfairness Need Not Be Permanent


Unfairness does not need to be permanent.  But if you hold onto the perspective that causes you to see the situation as unfair you cause it to last.  


How you go through what you go through makes a big difference.  Don’t make the situation harder on you than it needs to be.  Don’t hurt yourself by struggling to take more control than you can take in peace.


Let your mind try to frighten you with all of the “what ifs” if you don’t take drastic action and make something happen right now.  Just don’t let your mind control you.  Listen to it as you would listen to a crazed person in a panic about nothing.


Trust the amount of control that you can take in peace, even when that seems to be no control at all, with calm faith that you can live in peace and have everything work out.


Your experience of unfairness lasts only as long as you keep the mental interpretation of unfairness in your mind.

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