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Exploding The Myth Of Ambition

& How To Make This Moment Complete


This entire article, the perspective that it shares, can be summed up in one single sentence: Seeking a way out is the way out of the way you want to be!  You may want to read that a few times to make sense of it.  Isn’t that like life, though?  We need to go through something over and over again before we can make sense of it.  In this article we will attempt to make sense of ambition, to see the illusion and the reality of it.


Here is how the driving force of ambition works.  You think that getting somewhere will place you out of the state of discomfort or pain you feel where you are.  For instance, you think that getting a more prestigious job will take you out of the hollow feeling of unimportance, or that getting a new lover will take you out of this loneliness that you cry over at night.  But all this approach to your problems does is keep you out of the wholeness that you long for, which is available only right here where you are.


Ambition as the world relates to it is a false game, something we realize sooner or later.  You might already realize it, thinking to yourself as you get up in the morning to head off to work that at least your goals give you a reason to get up and get going.  It’s something to keep you psyched and revved up about, but it’s still just a cover-up of the emptiness you feel inside.  You sense the meaninglessness of the game you are playing, and the depression that sets in is something you may try to drink away.  Or perhaps you yell at your mate and kids for not taking away the inner pain, as if they could do something about it.


Stop Waiting For Yesterday


“So what is the solution?” you ask.  “The solution to this emptiness, futility and fakery?”  The solution is to stay right here, right where you are, and relax your way into the wholeness that you have been seeking elsewhere, and in some future time.  Then you will see how that quest for someplace better has taken you from your ability to be where you truly want to be, which is in sheer contentment where you are.


All of those things and people you thought you needed to feel free vanish like puffs of smoke that you do not need at all when you let go of the idea that you need to get somewhere else, or someone else, to feel free right here.


Perhaps you are the type that envies, like a lonely high school girl who believes that if she could be like that girl who dates the school’s football star, she would be ok; or like a shy high school boy who believes that if he could get that same type of girl to want to date him he would be okay.  But what both have to learn is that there is another way to feel okay, and that the way they believe in keeps them from the okay state they long to know.


There is absolutely no change that you need to make in your life to feel okay.  Putting off wholeness until something else happens, or because something else is not happening, is like waiting for yesterday!


The desire to express your love, inspiration, intelligence and talent to the fullest is the only kind of real ambition that works.  You don’t have to get anywhere to experience that.  You don’t need another job, another business, another bank account, another break.  You only have to be where you are, without holding back until circumstances change.  You can do your best in joy right now.


All Endings Are Imaginary


All endings are imaginary!  All you know is the place of starting out, which is always now.  When you start in joy you end in joy. Just make each start joyful.  You never really know how things are going to end up.  All you can do is to imagine where things are going.  But what you can know is that wherever you find yourself is the place to start out now.  


Where are you starting from?  You start from the state that you are in.  If you are hoping for an outcome to change things internally for you, counting on an outcome to bring you happier times, you are imagining things.  You are setting yourself up.  You are counting on the future doing for you what it cannot do for you.  All that the future you imagine satisfying you is doing for you right now is keeping you feeling anxious and incomplete where you are.


The End Is Here


This moment, here and now, is the end of all the effort you have made up to this point.  This is the end, my friend.  And as you can see, it is what you make it now.  Nothing you have done has made this present moment into the savior that you hoped for.  It is just another place to start out from.  It is another experience to manufacture for yourself, here and now.


So how do you manufacture the experience that you want?  You relax into it.  You allow yourself to relish all that this moment offers, including its losses and its gains.  You live in the love you are longing for, and live in the love of your longing.  You live in the peace, in the joy and in the pain.  You notice how your thinking affects your feelings.  You notice where you place your attention.  You notice how all of this influences the quality of your experience in the present, and your sole quest is for all of the fulfillment that this present moment can give you, whatever form that fulfillment may take.


You may need to rest.  You may need to work.  If you decide to take any sort of action, be sure to first decide to take that action in joy.  If you cannot make that second decision don’t make the first.  Wait until you can do what you are going to do in joy, or don’t do it.  Taking unhappy, begrudging, empty-feeling action causes more problems and discord, more loss than gain.  Your inner pain is telling you that you are going the wrong way!


We can call this “the wisdom of living for the moment” but when it’s followed responsibly it doesn’t entirely ignore the future.


If you have certain goals, those are fine targets to aim for.  Just make sure that your relationship with those goals is conscious.  Don't automatically relate to your goals as saviors, as conditions that are going to improve your life in any real way.  Any real improvements you need are available here and now.


For example, let’s say that you have a goal of paying off your debts.  That displays integrity.  But you don’t have to have those debts paid for you to be in integrity.  Integrity is the intention to do the right thing right now, with the genuine openness and authentic willingness to do what is right now.


Conscious Relationships Is The Key


The key is to make your relationship with everything, every person, every experience, every moment, every thought and every feeling conscious.  Even your relationship with integrity needs to be conscious.  If you seek being in integrity so that you can feel proud of yourself, puffed up and better than others you are not really about being in integrity at all.  You are about inflating your pride so that you like what you see in the mirror, like the mythical Narcissus.  You are about looking good to yourself rather than being good to anyone else.  You can do the “right” thing with the “wrong” motivation, which soils the action.


The only way to be in integrity is to be open to the inner guidance that reveals what being in integrity is right now.  It’s not about thinking about how you can be in integrity at some later time, in some other place.  It is about being that way now.  To be in integrity is to be integrated, whole, true and therefore happy.


Integrity takes us beyond our personal self.  It connects us to something higher, to the higher spiritual dimension of who we are.  That connected state is what is meant by being “integrated” and “whole”.


All of this is available right now. 


If you look at someone else’s life and his life seems more meaningful, valuable, important, desirable than your life see how that perspective robs you of joy.  See how it punishes you.  Your “job” is to make your life into what you want it to be right now.  That takes settling into where you are, to feel it fully and freely, without negative judgment or resistance.


When we sacrifice the joy of our wholeness in the present for some future goal or dream, expecting that future situation to free us from the emptiness we are creating for ourselves by the way we live and work along the way, we end up feeling betrayed and disappointed.


Opening your heart in prayer to receive the guidance of what you should do here and now makes this moment complete.  The longing to know God, to receive God, to do what only God’s Perfect Knowledge can tell you is Right, is emptiness and fulfillment at the same time.


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