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Embrace The Gift Of Suffering: 

Uplift The World With Liberation


It is only by sticking with difficulty that great breakthroughs are made.


It is only by daring to be different that we carve out a new way to better results than the status quo has been achieving.


It is only by tolerating uncertainty that the faith and confidence in ourselves is strengthened enough to overcome adversity and achieve lofty goals.


Sticking with difficulty, daring to be different, and tolerating uncertainty involve the acceptance of internal suffering.


To ease the suffering of the world ease through the suffering within yourself.  


As you allow yourself to fully experience your internal suffering, you lose your fear and find new faith.  You awaken to the desire of your heart and with that awakening begin to attract that desire’s fulfillment. 


At the same time, you do not have to shield yourself from feeling the suffering of others.  You can bravely open up to their pain and go through it with them, knowing that at the bottom of the well of tears awaits a gem of enlightenment, inspiration and liberation for you both.


A wise one has said that the more suffering you can endure, the greater the gifts that will come to you.  We resist suffering out of ignorance of both the futility of attempting to avoid it and the great value it has to deliver.


The fact is that suffering is a part of life on earth.  The deeper it’s depths the higher the heights of the miracles that will follow.  Going through suffering is not a negative experience, but we make it seem negative by imposing negative judgment upon it. 


When you stop judging your suffering as an experience that is any less valuable than pleasure, and go against your instinct to resist it, you find that it is both endurable and not durable.  In other words, you really do have the strength and ability to go through it and it does not last.


Suffering stands between you and your next level of growth, enlightenment, inspiration and liberation.  It is the darkness that must come before the next light of dawn.


Going through loss, hard times, and pain is nothing to be ashamed of, but we often feel ashamed of it because we presume that we must be doing something wrong, or be less favored, or be less fortunate than those who seem to be riding high.  But the fact is that you cannot avoid hard times, no matter how high you may appear to be riding now.


Resisting suffering keeps us locked in the mechanical, animalistic reactive level of the ego that will not let us break through, to be born again, into the fulfillment of our greater potential.  Embracing suffering leads us forward on our path into divine oneness, where all things are possible with unbounded faith.


To serve the world and liberate the higher potential of every human life, face, accept and willingly, consciously experience every trace of suffering within you. It will free your heart and your spirit will soar, and the influence of that will uplift the world.

Recharge faculty team spirit and school support staff.  Inspire and motivate your school teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, janitorial professionals with empowering perspectives that will reignite their passion and energy in support of a school culture of motivation and engagement. 

Help the faculty of your school or school district remember that their work is more than a job, it's a calling, to see them rededicating themselves to bringing greatness into the classroom every single day. 

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