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Essential Classroom Behavior Management Tips


More Weekly Classroom Behavior Management Tips:


“This week, I will remember that the quality of the relationship between teacher and student has a powerful influence upon how the student performs.  I will work on cultivating a more genuinely caring and appreciative relationship with my most challenging students, based on the fact that for students to perform a well as possible, they need to feel great about their relationship with their teacher.”


“This week I will remember that no matter how challenging a student’s behavior seems, I will not give up on my goal of succeeding with that student.  Even if I have no idea of what will work, I will keep my mind open to finding new ideas and experiment with new approaches.  If I begin feeling anxious or discouraged, I will simply relax and return to trust in this process.”


“This week I will remember that for children to learn, they need to feel motivated to learn, and this requires that the learning process is fun.  Based on my understanding that children thrive on feelings of exuberance, I will concentrate on making my lessons fun.  I will do this by maintaining my positive attitude and good humor, while keeping the class focused on the lesson.”


“This week I will remember that improving the order in the classroom begins with improving my way of handling classroom disorder. If things get out of hand, or even when one student becomes disorderly, I will remember to respond with calm self-confidence.  The moment I begin to feel overwhelmed, I will ease up ON MYSELF.”


“This week I will remember that my attitude influences my students’ attitudes, and that my attitude is my responsibility.  I will let go of attitudes that make me feel over-worked, out of control or powerlessness.  I will remember that the attitude that I adopt is an experience that I give myself. I will consistently relate with my students with an attitude that feels great.” 


“This week I will remember that feeling frustrated, stressed out, impatient or overwhelmed is a feeling that I give to myself based on how I am working.  I will also remember that these feelings are not only painful and unhealthy, they also incite disorderly, disrespectful behavior from my students.  I will consistently show myself the respect of working in a relaxed way and avoid driving myself too hard.


“This week I will remember that the more I impose rush upon my students, the more oppositional and unfocused they become.  To accomplish the most of value in the least amount of time possible, I will calmly assess the real priorities of what we have to get done and concentrate on handling that in a stress-free, rush-free, focused manner.”


“This week I will remember that students sometimes behave poorly because they gain a sense of power and significance from doing so.  To discourage this, I will attempt to provide the students whose behavior is typically the most challenging with opportunities to feel powerful and important by making positive contributions to the classroom.”


“This week I will focus on catching my students in the act of doing something well.  I will focus on what they get right and compassionately help them to reach for building on that and doing even better.  I will avoid making too big a deal about their mistakes, to avoid causing them to lose the self-confidence and self-esteem them need to do their very best.”






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