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Essential Classroom Behavior Management Tips


This article contains classroom behavior management tips that teachers can apply on a weekly basis. 


Each tip consists of an affirmation for the teacher to help in achieving and maintaining the level of classroom order essential for successful education.  Feel welcome to print these out and pass them out to your faculty on a weekly basis.


Weekly Classroom Behavior Management Tips:


This week, in the classroom, I will remember to maintain my peace and poise, understanding that I place the child in charge who can make me react, and that in true peace and poise I have the clearest judgment and enjoy my day all the way.


This week I will remember that what my students need more than information is the enthusiasm for life-long learning, based on the understanding that the more they want to learn, the more they will learn.   To transmit this positive energy I will remain focused on what I find enthralling about what I attempt to teach.



This week I will remember that for each student, there is an open door, a way to reach and teach him and her.  I will therefore avoid all power-struggles and waste no effort in opposition to any resistance I face.  I will calmly and confidently seek the open door.


This week, based on my understanding that how I see my students operates as a self-fulfilling prophecy, I will carefully watch the way that I envision my students.  I will see them as great, giving, successful individuals, happy, secure and courageous.  I will avoid dwelling on anxious visions that portray any student as disappointing or disturbing.


This week, I will pay particular attention to the quality of my reactions to my students.  When I recognize flare-ups of my anger or stress, I will determine to calm myself down, and to remember to remain more calm the next time that something similar occurs. This will make my daily work easier and help me to avoid drain and strain.


This week, I will maintain order in my classroom in an orderly way.  If things become chaotic, I will concentrate on not letting the chaos get to me.  Rather, I will maintain my calm, confident demeanor and proceed to handle things in a patient, step-by-step manner.  In this way I will gradually increase the order in the class and avoid becoming part of the chaos.


This week I will remember to remain alertly aware of what is happening in my classroom in the PRESENT MOMENT.  I will continuously observe my students while I present lessons and while they work upon their assignments, to recognize when one or more are beginning to drift.  I will pay particular attention to the eyes of my students, to help them to remain focused and engaged.


This week I will work on mastering my response to classroom disruption.  If a student behaves in a disruptive manner, I will concentrate on improving the quality of my response.  My aim will be to preserve my calm, confident composure, because in that state of inner peace I actually do command true authority.



This week I will pay particular attention to the tone of my voice.  I will use my voice tones to express enthusiasm for the topic I am teaching and to convey genuine respect for my students and for myself.  I will strive to use voice tones consciously, with the aim of maximizing each student’s engagement in and receptivity to what I have to say.


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