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A Secret To Success Story


Here is a secret to success story.  It’s an old story about the rescue of a maiden held captive in a high tower.


Her father placed her there because he disapproved of her lover and wanted to keep them apart.


Her lover found out where she was and went to the tower.  There she was, seated by the open window, weeping in her hands.


He called to her and she looked up with a smile that outshined the sun when she saw him.  “Rescue me, please!” she called to him.


For a while he was at his wits end.  He felt too pressured by his desire to think.  He noticed a beetle walking on the ground.  It walked so slowly and deliberately.  It helped him to calm down.


That’s when he got his idea. The secret to success flashed in his mind.  “I’ll be back shortly,” he called to her.  Scooping up the beetle in his hands he hurried off.


Shortly he was back with that beetle, some honey, and a wagon filled with a long line of silk thread, some thin twine, a thin rope, a heavy rope, and an iron bar.


He tied the silk thread around one of the beetle’s legs, placed some honey on the front of the beetle’s head, and placed the beetle on the wall of the tower, pointing straight up to the maiden’s window.


Slowly but surely the beetle made it’s way up, lured by the honey, unknowingly dragging up the silk thread with every step.


At last the beetle reached the maiden.  “Take hold of the silk thread!” her lover called up to her.


He then tied his end of the silk thread to the thin twine and instructed her to pull.


As she pulled the silk thread she also pulled the thin twine attached to it.  He then attached that twine to the thin rope.  “Now pull on the twine!” he called.


As she followed his instruction she pulled up the thin rope.  He then tied the thin rope to the heavy rope.  When she had the thin rope in her hands he asked her to pull on that, which she did, pulling up the heavy rope slowly but surely.


Finally he tied the bar onto the end of the heavy rope and had her pull that up.


She knew what to do next.  She placed the heavy bar in the window, so it would be braced by the walls.


The young man then climbed up that heavy rope, held fast by the bar, until he reached the maiden, rescued her, and together they made their escape.


This story symbolizes the way to succeed in any situation.  The beetle represents the application of natural law.  The law at work here is the law of momentum.  Taking small efforts consistently builds up the momentum of your progress and leads to opportunities for bigger actions.


The silk thread represents the beginning of any enterprise, which is thought.  Think about what you want to bring about.  That’s can be quite easy.  This small action leads to larger opportunities for taking more significant action, until success is achieved. 


There’s your secret to success to apply to your life-success story.

Recharge faculty team spirit with great leadership skills.  Inspire and motivate your school teachers with enligheninng perspectives on life and work that will reignite their passion and energy. 

Help the faculty of your school or school district remember that their work is more than a job, it's a calling, to see them rededicating themselves to bringing greatness into the classroom every single day. 

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