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A Secret For School Teacher Inspiration:

How To Let Your Life Be A Gift



It's hard being a school teacher.


You begin with so much passion, so much enthusiasm and inspiration to ignite the spark of love for life-long learning in your students.


Over time the grind of regulations and youths coming from troubled homes and interacting with burned out faculty team members and school administrators who feel threatened and overwhelmed, and your financial limitations and your relatives who tell you to wake up and go after the money in the business world... it all seems to work against your spirit.


And yet, your life is a gift and the work you have chosen could not be more honorable, worthwhile, respectable, noble, important and potentially satisfying.


You are serving a great cause when you do your work with all your heart and that MUST come back to you in the form of miraculous rewards. just keep the faith. It MUST.


The only thing that prevents life from feeling like a pure and perfect gift right now is anxiously struggling to control it.  


What you cannot control in grace you need not control.


You fearfully judge a situation as wrong or as bad and then your judgment about what is happening, your expectation of things worsening, makes you feel insecure, unhappy, disturbed.


You don’t really know the future, but your anticipation of the present turning into a future disappointment or even tragedy causes you to emotionally suffer in the present. 


Let’s say that you are experiencing financial distress.  You look at your financial situation and you worry about it worsening.  This gives rise to stress.


It is not your present situation, but where your imagination is going, that troubles you.  


What if you anticipated something more wonderful emerging from what is happening, more wonderful than any situation you have ever been in?  


Your shift in imagination would make a total difference.  Your situation would not have changed, but your feelings would be totally reversed from the negative to the positive.


Sometimes it is not the frightening stories we tell ourselves about our future that robs us of the pure and perfect gift-nature of life, but the story we tell ourselves about what is happening right now.


While I was going through a divorce initiated by my wife I resented her for “putting me through this.”  I felt trapped and powerless. I felt manipulated right out of the life I wanted like I was nothing but a pawn in her game.


But what happened when I dropped this story about my situation?  That form of suffering ended.  I focused on my present experience and on doing my best to make it into something as positive as possible.  I found that I could enjoy myself. 


Instead of worrying about losing time with my kids after the divorce I began being more present with them.  Instead of worrying about where I was going to move to after the divorce I began focusing more intently on where I am and let myself fully appreciate it and feel gratitude for it.


It seems to me that we remain stuck in emotional pain until we realize how futile it is.  


Worrying about the future or resenting people for what they are doing to me does not improve my situation.  On the contrary, it makes my situation feel unbearably hard.


By focusing on my present moment experience, rather than my mental, emotionally disturbing story about it, my emotional suffering dissipates and I discover opportunities to thoroughly enjoy my life in the now. 


As I entrust the future to the future and let go of mental stories that cause me to feel upset and disempowered I find all the power I need within me.


I begin thinking of the outcomes that I want in my life while taking full advantage of all the opportunities to experience fulfillment in the present.  


Instead of worrying about your future or frustrating yourself with depressing mental stories about what is happening, become fully present and make the most of your present experience.  If you feel inspired to work on your future in some way, follow your inspiration.  That will fill you with joy, not dread.


Keep watch over your mind to keep it free of troubling mental stories about your life. Get into the present moment fully, and you will experience life as a gift instead of as a frightening problem to solve or an oppressive burden you do not want to bear.

Bring in Bob Lancer to re-ignite the passion of your faculty team to bring the joy of greatness into the classroom everyday. 

In addition to inspirational keynotes Bob works with faculty teams on an in-deptth basis through day long seminars that resolve frustrations, reignite passion and promote positive team building. 

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