Hello, I'm Bob Lancer and my inspiring keynotes and motivational seminars to school teachers and support staff recharge the passion for playing an essential
role in the lives and development of our young people.


"Your presentation to our teachers provided much needed insight into why children behave as they do and what can be done to improve it. You make adults responsible. I applaud your efforts. Your presentation was riveting."— B.J. Lacky, Principal 


"Thank you for your most informative Keynote address. We felt that you touched on many points which stimulate thinking at a deeper level, something we believe teachers need."— Ann Vining


Thank you so much for enriching us with your wisdom and ideas, for the many ways you nourish and help school teachers by your sharing.— The staff at Midway Elementary


I help teachers relieve stress, recharge passion and rekindle
their love for the all-important work they are doing. 


Bring more happiness to your school.

Studies clearly demonstrate that a happier schools are higher performing,raising teacher effectiveness and student performance.   Happiness is an inside game and behavior does not change long-term until its internal causes have been addressed.  This inner dimension of real emotional transformation through Happiness-Skills-Training is the unique and uniquely effective work that my coaching, speaking and training accomplishes.  Contact me to discuss ways of bringing more happiness to your workforce, for a healtheir, more productive, creative and cohesive faculty and paraeducators team.


"One thing that makes Bob's presentatinns so effective is the understanding of how we in the classroom can improve our emotional reactions for improving child behavior."  Kathy Lindeman, Sharron Springs Montessori


"Thank you for sharing your talents with us. You are truly a gifted speaker and what you have to say makes a positive difference in families and schools."  Martha Griggs, Jackson Elementary School  


Click here to hear me discuss how bringing more joy to work raises the bottom line, for businesses as well as for schools, and how we are better preparing children for success as we bring more joy into our work with them .


Click here to hear my interview on raising respectful children, providing a perspective that may be fresh and new to you.


Listen to my recent appearance on the show: Choose Respect: 
Where I discuss how how to release from toxic attitudes and relationship patterns and how our toxic relationship patterns negatively impact the natural environment and child development. 



My Keynotes


  • Inspire and engage teachers, paraeducators and support staff.
  • Rekindle their respect for themselves and for the work they do.
  • Provide keys for de-stressing, team building and improved communication.
  • Help school professionals understand the underlying causes of child behavior at every state of development.
  • Reveal how students learn through teaching to the student's level and building upon the student's strengths.
  • Demonstrate how happier teachers produce more focused and engaged students, and how to bring that wisdom to the classroom every single day.
  • Provide positive, stress-free, anger-free classroom behavior leadership developent and management tips.


I'm a former school teacher who has worked in
public and alternative school settings.



I also provide in-depth workshop sessions for more intensive
Faculty teambuilding and morale support .


Kick-off or end your Teacher In-Service Day Trainings with my
Motivational Keynote Boost


My Motivational Keynotes for School Support Staff, including School Bus Drivers and Food Service Providers helps this essential part of your organization
feel supported, inspired and valued.



Our world needs great teachers, but maintaining the emotional resilience for greatness in the classroom has never been more challenging. I'm here
to help your school or district soar to that great height.


A sample of my "Lancer's Answers":

We teach through who we are and what we do.  We teach our attitude, our values, our disciplines.  To be a great teacher is to learn from every experience, to remain connected to the inspiration behind your great purpose, to relentlessly put joy and inspiration into your work, to pursue your own inspired life-long learning and personal growth, to model eternal optimism and to never give up on reaching, teaching and inspiring our students to fall in love with learning for life.


Are you a Montessori School? Email me to learn more about my
specialized Montessori-Based programs for AMI and AMS
Faculty Professional Development.


"Thanks Bob!  Our faculty is off to a great start this week with the students, due in large part to your motivation.  We are grateful!" J. Buckhalter, Assistant Princ. CCHS  


"As I already expressed to you when we chatted after your fantastic program for our teachers. I cannot say enough wonderful things about your content and delivery." Nitza Vewga-Lahr, Director of The Child Development Association.  

Motivational Speaker Power For Your School Or District 
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